What We Are Doing Right Now

Stay tuned for upcoming summer and fall 2021 volunteer citizen science streamside restoration opportunities!  Beaver Dam Analogs (BDAs), tree-plantings, and educational events!  


The committee is currently working to address recommendations outlined in the 2009 TMDL to improve the cold water fishery in East Canyon Creek. The committee works on implementation projects as well as outreach and education focused projects.


Implementation projects consist of working with interested private landowners to stabilize, repair, or protect streambanks from erosion, planting riparian vegetation, or fencing riparian areas to allow for either total exclusion of livestock or a specific management technique tailored to the unique ecosystem within the riparian corridor. The committee can often provide landowners with technical expertise as well as helping them find financial assistance.

For more information see our "Recently Completed Work" tab.

Water Quality Educational Campaigns

The committee has been involved with the creation of public awareness campaigns intended to educate local residents regarding the impact their actions have on the watershed. Below are images of some of the materials. These materials are available for your use. A print ready version of these documents can be downloaded below.
Also the committee has worked with Utah State University's Swaner Eco-center to install a monitoring station on East Canyon Creek that sends real time data to the Eco-center's exhibition area.

pdfDownload the East Canyon Watershed Fact Sheet.

If you, or anyone you may know is interested in improving the water quality in the watershed by participating in a project please contact us through our "contact us" tab.

Working Groups:

Outreach and Education Sub-Committee

Committee Chair: Local Volunteer Needed

Current Projects

  • Website Update and publicity
  • Developing plans for a Summit County Watershed Festival

Currently Inactive Groups

  • Agriculture
  • Recreation
  • Riparian/Fishery
  • Water Reclamation
  • Urban


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