Middle East Canyon Creek

Middle East Canyon Creek - 5200 North

This project consisted of stream bank and channel stabilization as well as planting trees and shrubs to provide stability and shading to the stream corridor.

Middle East Canyon Creek - Bitner Road

This project presented a unique opportunity to protect and re-establish a viable riparian corridor along over 3,000 linear feet of stream. Along with riparian corridor fencing, sheer eroded banks were stabilized, stream channel stabilization structures were installed and several hundred trees and shrubs were planted to shade the stream. This project helped eliminate erosion along streambanks, provides shade from vegetation to create a thermal refuge for aquatic organisms and established protected wildlife habitat along the riparian corridor. Additionally the landowner was able to continue to have livestock watering from the creek via controlled access points. (Use any of the Bitner before and after photos)

Middle East Canyon Creek - Rasmussen Road and Bufflehead Dr.

The project required stream bank stabilization of eroding banks and plantings to stabilize and shade the stream corridor. Riparian plantings as well as upland plantings were established to promote an entire corridor scale approach to channel and habitat restoration.