Park City - Prospector Park Treatment Wetland

Silver Creek, though not a tributary to East Canyon Creek or Reservoir, is a major watershed within the Park City area.  This creek has been heavily impacted by Park City's mining legacy.  A Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) study has been completed for Silver Creek to address high concentrations of cadmium and zinc. 

One source of metal loading to Silver Creek is the Prospector Square groundwater drain. Park City Municipal Corporation (PCMC) wished to decrease the heavy metal load entering Silver Creek by constructing an anaerobic treatment biocell to treat the water coming from the Prospector Drain.  The East Canyon Watershed Committee agreed that it would be prudent to address water quality concerns in the greater Park City area.  As such, the committee voted to use some of its funding to assist PCMC in constructing the biocell wetland.

The biocell was constructed just east of Prospector Park along Highway 248 (click here for an overview map [PCMC]).  Since completion, the bio-cell has reduced the concentrations of heavy metals entering Silver Creek from the Prospector Square groundwater by 70 to 80%.  The sign below is posted along the trail adjacent to the wetland.


Below is a map of the area and general layout of the biocell before completion.


In addition to the information provided above, project manager Jeff Schoenbacher has developed a maintenance plan for the biocell (available here) and presented a paper on the design and function of the biocell at the 2009 National Meeting of the American Society of Mining and Reclamation in Billings, MT.  That paper is available here