Park City Environmental Web GIS Module

Park City Municipal Corporation (PCMC) has worked hard to develop a web-based environmental geographic information system (GIS) that will provide the public with access to currently existing environmental GIS data in the Park City area. This GIS application identifies environmental data within the city limits and relates it to specific land parcels. Data sources include, but are not limited to, streams, wetlands, floodplains, storm water drains, and soils ordinance testing results. Additional environmental information, such as homeowner best management practices and nonpooint source pollution reduction techniques, is housed on the website.

To access the web site please click here:


One of thePark City's highest priorities is protecting our citizens as well as the pristine environment we all enjoy within the Wasatch Mountains . As you may or may not be aware, long before being recognized as an Olympic venue, the city was known as one of the great American silver mining towns. As a result, during a century of active mining, the Park City mining district produced millions of ounces of silver in addition to a substantial amount of mine tailing waste. Park City has compiled this WebGIS module as a resource to identify the environmental impacts related to the historical mining district. The following is the data you will find at this site:

Environmental Management System Annual Reports

  • Reports that are sent to regulatory agency that provides an update on current remediation.

Storm water Management Plan Annual Reports

  • Reports that are sent to the regulatory agencies defining the city’s storm water efforts to improve water quality in the watersheds.

Working Soils Ordinance Regulations

  • The actual ordinance approved by USEPA and UDEQ.

Soils Ordinance Boundary Search

  • The boundary that defines all regulated properties within the ordinance boundary and the search conveys whether it is within the boundary.

Soils Ordinance Capping Compliance

  • Information provides you with compliance status and associated lead concentrations for sampled lots. Red represents compliance, black non-compliant, yellow compliant during the improvement district.

Known Mine Tailings Area

  • Areas known to be impacted with mine tailings.

Mine Hazards

  • Known mine hazards in the area.

FEMA Flood Zone Delegations

  • Regulated flood zone areas within the city limits.

City Zoning

  • Different zoning areas with the city limits.

Regulated Streams

  • Navigable waters within the city limits.

Jurisdictional Wetlands

  • Wetlands protected within the city limits with a 50’ defined buffer.

Watershed Boundaries

  • These layers represent East Canyon and Silver Creek Watershed.

Drinking Water Source Protection Zones

  • Drinking water recharges source protection zones protected under ordinance.

10' Elevation Contours

Bike Trails

Conservation Reserve Program

  • Layer represents the permanent riparian buffer zone for McLeod Creek Stream corridor.

With stated the objectives of this application is to communicate to Park City residents, visitors, and stakeholders the environmental issues and ordinances administered for minimizing impacts to human health and the environment. Should you have any questions in regards to navigating this system please feel free to contact me at 435.615.5058 or . I hope you find this information useful.

Park City would like to thank AGRC for assisting the city in developing this application and the East Canyon Creek Watershed Committee for assisting with the funding of this endeavor.


Jeff Schoenbacher
Environmental Coordinator