Park City Golf Course Pond Dredging Project

pcgc_dredge_048In the summer of 2006 the Park City Municipal Corporation completed a pond dredging project on the Park City Public Golf Course. While most would probably assume the pond is nothing more than a landscape feature designed to enhance the aesthetic value of the golf course, the pond actually serves a very important role in reducing sediment input into the East Canyon Creek watershed.

The 18th pond was originally designed to function as a sediment detention basin, catching sediment suspended in the runoff from the upper watershed. Over time, as the pond effectively did its job of detaining sediment, the need arose to dredge the pond of the sediment that had been collected. It was determined that the most effective way to dredge the pond would involve de-watering the site.

pcgc_dredge_032With the pond de-watered, improvements could be made to the original drain structure. The original drain was located in the bottom of the pond. Since sediment tends to settle out to the bottom of a waterbody, this posed a problem in that significant amounts of sediment would be re-suspended when the pond was drained.

The original drain structure was replaced with a stand pipe structure. The stand pipe will allow the pond to be drained from the top down in the future. This will result in a significant reduction in turbidity when the pond is drained in the future.

pcgc_dredge_049In order to improve the longevity of the newly dredged pond, an additional sediment detention basin was constructed upstream of the pond. This new sediment basin will reduce the amount of sediment entering the pond, and more importantly can be maintained for a fraction of the cost associated with dredging the main pond.

The project resulted in the removal of approximately 10,000 cubic yards of sediment. The total project cost was approximately $118,000. The project was funded in part by a Clean Water Act Section 319 grant from the EPA.