East Canyon Creek Restoration

The Kamas Conservation District has recently completed a project addressing the actively eroding streambanks on East Canyon Creek. Eroding streambanks contribute sediment to the stream and keep the stream wide and shallow. As a cold-water fishery, East Canyon Creek cannot sustain a wide and shallow stream as it keeps the water well above required temperatures. Additionally, sediment can make it hard for animals to find food and for plants to grow. Nutrients transported by sediment can support the growth of blue-green algae which can make recreational users sick. 

This project was located just downstream of Swaner Nature Preserve. In fall 2021, Beaver Dam Analogs (BDAs) were installed to help trap sediment and keep more water in the creek. A riparian corridor was put in to help stabilize the stream bank and to keep the water cooler by providing shade. Additionally, Mountain Regional Water extended their delivery pipe by 250 feet so that more water reaches the creek instead of evaporating in the meadow where it was previously released. 

We love to see this kind of work going on in the watershed! Bring us your ideas for more projects like these and we can work with other groups to get them implemented :)