Education and Community Outreach

The committee is working on implementing more outreach and education throughout the watershed with documentaries, such as Beaver Believers and How We Grow, and technical webinars on Trout Friendly Landscaping. 

Dark Waters was screened in July 2021 at the Twilight Drive-in at the Utah Olympic Park. This film follows "a corporate defense attorney who takes on an environmental lawsuit against a chemical company that exposes a lengthy history of pollution." A few local entities (Trout Unlimited, Swaner Eco-Center, and USU Extension) had tables to give out information on their projects and roles in the watershed. Local artist, Mary Perry, displayed some of her art and Ecologist Sara Jo Dickens from Ecology Bridge brought some drought tolerant plants for display.  

Beaver Believers was screened in August 2021 at Newpark Amphitheater. "Beaver Believers is a story of 5 scientists and a hairdresser who tackle climate change with the help of beavers."

How We Grow was screened in September 2021, also at Newpark Amphitheater. This film is about "ambitious young farmers building community around locally grown food." A few local producers were present selling honey and beef products. 


The Trout Friendly Landscape project is currently underway. One round of stipends has already been given out and we hope to give out another round in Spring 2023. Please contact Sara Jo Dickens at for more questions about Trout Friendly Landscaping. See below for an informative brochure about TFL from Sara Jo, and some photos from the film screenings!




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