2009 Minutes & Agendas

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East Canyon Watershed Committee - October 8, 2009


East Canyon Watershed Committee

East Canyon Resort
9:30 am October 8, 2009
Meeting Agenda

Welcome and Introductions – Dave Tripp

• Review/approve July 16, 2009 meeting minutes (attached)

Update from Swaner EcoCenter – Nell Larson

• Stream restoration/land management

Information and Education Subcommittee – Savannah Wake

  • New outreach campaign
  • Miner’s Day booth

Update on East Canyon Congressional Earmark – Ray Loveless

  • Stream projects

Update on ARRA grant – Michael Boyle

Report on Endocrine study – Mike Luers

Division of Water Quality Issues – Kari Lundeen

  • East Canyon Watershed Website
  • Update on East Canyon Reservoir and Creek TMDLs
  • 2010 319 funding
  • TDS information as requested at July 16 meeting

Other items

  • Response from State Engineer regarding Armstrong water rights donation
  • East Canyon Creek pipeline project
  • Group photo for website