2006 Minutes & Agendas

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Oct. 12, 2006

East Canyon Watershed Committee
Minutes for October 12, 2006
East Canyon Resort

Dave Tripp - Chair

Brendan Waterman - UACD

Kari Lundeen - UDEQ/DWQ

Jeff Schoenbacher - PCMC

Mary Perry - Friends of East Canyon Creek/High Country Fly Fisherman
Mike Luers - SBWRD
Steve Noyes - BOR
Ray Loveless - Mountainland AOG
Julie Howe - Stantec Consulting
Karen Nichols - Stantec Consulting
Paul Dremann - Trout Unlimited
Kent Sorenson - DWR
Carol France - East Canyon Resort
Gaylynn Mooney - Silver Springs HOA
Colleen Rush - Swaner Nature Preserve
Nell Larson - Swaner Nature Preserve
Erin Spear - Swaner Nature Preserve
Craig Stevens - Kimball Creek homeowner

Dave thanked the East Canyon Resort for hosting the meeting. This was followed by a round of introductions.

Mike Luers updated the committee on the progress of the proposed instream flow bills. Two bills have been proposed. The first bill is the Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTW) bill. This bill would allow publicly owned agencies/entities to purchase instream water rights to maintain minimum flow requirements. Water rights purchased under the POTW bill would not have a time limit. The POTW bill sponsor will be determined after the upcoming elections. The second bill is referred to as the Trout Unlimited (TU) bill. The TU bill would allow organizations such as Trout Unlimited to lease instream water rights for 10 years at a time to maintain minimum flows in streams with native fish populations. The TU bill is sponsored by Ben Ferry. All are encouraged to contact local legislators and voice public support for the Instream Flow bills.

The Snyderville Basin Water Reclamation District is in the process of finishing up a Water Transport Study to address the issues of how imported water would be transported to and distributed within the East Canyon watershed.

Brendan Waterman provided the committee with an update on the status of the Education Sub-Committee. After 6 months of inactivity and numerous staffing changes, the committee has been meeting regularly in an attempt to regroup and redevelop a work plan for both the current information and education grant, and the upcoming Earmark funds. The committee has been closely reviewing the results from the January 2006 David Jones Survey in an attempt to decide which education issue to tackle first.

Gaylynn Mooney, Erin Spear, and Brendan Waterman recently gave a water quality presentation to the AP Environmental Science class at Park City High School. The purpose of this presentation was to teach the students about local water quality issues and to spark interest in the ongoing student water quality monitoring program. Through this program students will conduct water quality sampling in local streams as part of their curriculum.

Ray Loveless updated the committee on the congressional earmark. Mountainland AOG has been contracted to administer the funds. The funds total approximately $0.5 million. A majority of the grant ($315,000) will be spent on stream restoration practices in the East Canyon watershed above the SBWRD water reclamation plant. A work group will be developed to administer the stream restoration efforts. Within the earmark, $64,000 has been allocated for I&E efforts, with $15,000 specifically set aside to work with the local school district and prepare an education curriculum.

NRCS has required that NEPA documents be prepared for the earmark-funded stream work. Stantec has been contracted to prepare these documents.

Stantec has been contracted to map the Phosphoric soils in the upper watershed, and will be producing GIS layers that will display the findings.

Brendan Waterman gave an update on some of the non-point source projects that were completed this summer. During August, 415 feet of conifer revetment was installed along East Canyon Creek within the Swaner Nature Preserve. This work was completed with the help of a volunteer work crew. A pond dredging project was completed on the Park City public golf course. The pond that was dredged serves as a detention basin for the runoff from Park City Mountain Resort. A total of 10,000 cubic yards of sediment was removed from the pond. The total project cost was approximately $118,000. $10,500 of the project cost was funded with 319 funds.

Colleen Rush provided an update on the recent happenings at Swaner Nature Preserve. The Rhinestone Cowboy Fundraiser was very successful. The groundbreaking for the new facility took place on October 3. Construction will begin shortly. SWCA has been contracted to complete an inventory of the preserve's resources. The inventory will include the flora, fauna, and cultural history of the preserve. The Second Annual East Canyon Watershed Festival will be held the first weekend in June 2007.

Stantec will be working to update the watershed's website. Updates will include information about the NPS projects completed this summer as well as the Park City 2006 Storm Water Management Plan.

The next East Canyon Watershed Committee meeting will take place on Thursday January 11 at 9:30 a.m. The meeting will be held at the Snyderville Basin Water Reclamation District office.