2007 Minutes & Agendas

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Oct. 18, 2007

East Canyon Watershed Committee
October 18, 2007
Snyderville Basin Water Reclamation District Office

Dave Tripp – Committee Chair
Brendan Waterman – Watershed Coordinator
Erin Spear – Swaner Nature Preserve
Julie Howe – Stantec Consulting
Insa Riepen – Recycle Utah
Brian Suhadole – Park City Mountain Resort
Darren Rasmussen – Utah DNR/Water Rights
Nell Larson – Swaner Nature Preserve
Travis Thomason – Natural Resources Conservation Service
Ray Loveless – Mountainland Association of Governments
Paul Dremann – Trout Unlimited
Jack Wilbur – Utah Dept. of Agriculture and Food
Mary Perry – High Country Fly Fishers/ Friends of East Canyon Creek
Jeff Williams – Natural Resources Conservation Service
Darren Olson – Bio-West
Jeff Schoenbacher – Park City Municipal Corporation
Scott Peterson – Weber Basin Water Conservancy District
Kari Lundeen – Utah DEQ/Water Quality
Gaylynn Mooney – ECC Education Sub-Committee
Mike Luers – Snyderville Basin Water Reclamation District
Jason M. Allen – Morgan County
Craig Schaugaard – Utah DNR/Wildlife Resources
Paul Burnett - Utah DNR/Wildlife Resources

-Dave Tripp brought the meeting to order and initiated a round of introductions. The minutes from the July 12 meeting were approved by the committee.

-Insa Riepen announced that the 2008 Summit County Water Festival will be held on April 24 from 8:00am to 2:30pm. The festival will be held at the St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Park City. Currently 550 students attend the one day event, and another 150 would like to be included. Park City does not have a large enough venue for the festival therefore the inclusion of more students can only be made possible through the addition of a second day. Insa proposed that the second day be held elsewhere in the county to accommodate students from other school districts.

-Insa also asked if members of the watershed committee would be able to help her develop a composting outreach program. Previous attempts at raising community awareness about the benefits of home composting have not been successful in Park City and a new outreach method is needed.

-Julie Howe updated the committee on the status of the Environmental Assessment (EA) that Stantec has been working on for the East Canyon congressional earmark funded restoration project. The cultural resource survey associated with the EA was completed this summer and that portion of the report has been drafted. A draft of the full EA should be completed by mid-November. Julie also let the committee know that the phosphoric soils mapping project is near completion. The field work was finished this summer and the final report should be available in the early winter.

-Ray Loveless updated the committee on the status of the stream restoration portion of the congressional earmark project. There is currently a need for a planner for the stream restoration projects that will be funded with through this earmark. The previously selected individual is no longer able to complete these duties. Ray has asked for the committee’s help in identifying a project planner.

-Gaylynn Mooney distributed a draft work plan for the watershed education curriculum that is being developed for Park City schools. Development and implementation of this plan is being funded through the Information and Education component of the East Canyon Watershed congressional earmark. The current work plan is geared towards students in grades 3-7. With implementation of this plan, students will have received 5 watershed education lessons before entering high school. A finalized work plan will be presented at the next East Canyon Watershed Committee meeting.

-Gaylynn also updated the committee on the progress of the storm drain marking project. There is currently a large group of students involved in the project. Students are marking storm drains throughout Park City and Snyderville Basin. In addition to installing the storm drain markers, students are leaving door tags that explain the project at homes and businesses. Some of the students will be talking about the project on KPCW.

-Kari Lundeen reported on the progress of the revisions to both the East Canyon Creek and East Canyon Reservoir TMDLs. Both the Division of Water Quality and Snyderville Basin Water Reclamation District conducted in depth water quality monitoring studies this summer. Utah State University is conducting a study of nutrient cycling throughout the watershed. The results of these studies will be used in the revision of both TMDLs. Drafts should be available by next spring.

-Jeff Schoenbacher reported on current projects that Park City Municipal Corporation is working on. The 2007 Annual Storm Water Management Report has been completed and is available upon request. The Silver Creek bio-cell unit will be completed next summer. Installation of the bio-cell vault will be completed this fall. Jeff then gave a demonstration of the new web based environmental GIS that has been developed for Park City. This program can be viewed at: http://mapserv.utah.gov/ParkCityGIS/

In order for the program to work properly all pop up blockers must be turned off.

-Nell Larson presented a brief overview of Swaner Nature Preserve’s current weed management plan. 90 acres were treated for noxious weeds this summer. Both chemical and mechanical treatment methods were used. A re-vegetation plan has been developed and will be implemented over the next two years. The re-vegetation plan includes reseeding the treated areas using a variety of methods including no-till drill application and hydro-seeding.

-Erin Spear updated the committee on the current stream restoration efforts that are taking place at Swaner Nature Preserve. The brush revetment and willow planting projects were continued this summer. Over 700 feet of brush revetment was installed on eroding stream banks, approximately 1000 willow cuttings were planted, and 75 shrubs have been planted in the riparian areas of East Canyon Creek. Permanent fencing has been installed to protect the restoration areas on East Canyon Creek.

-Jack Wilbur announced that a second round of focus group message testing was scheduled for November 11. The topics to be covered in this session will include storm water knowledge, homeowner BMPs, and general watershed management. The results from this study will be used by the Education Sub Committee to develop effective outreach materials and tools.

-Mike Luers reported that Mountain Regional Water has begun pumping water from one its wells into East Canyon Creek. The groundwater source that the well draws from is not suitable for culinary purposes, and therefore cannot be used by Mountain Regional. An agreement has been reached between Mountain Regional and Snyderville Basin Water Reclamation District to activate the well in times of extremely low stream flows. This additional input into East Canyon Creek will help prevent fish kills during severe drought.

-Mike Luers gave a brief summary of the relatively new science of studying the effects of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs) on fish populations. The presence of EDCs in wastewater is of concern to the water reclamation industry due to the fact that technology does not currently exist to remove EDCs from wastewater. The specific concern is with the presence of feminizing compounds from pharmaceuticals and personal care products and the effects that these compounds may have on fish and wildlife populations in the future. SBWRD will be working with DWR to assess the concentration of EDCs in fish populations in the lower watershed.

-The next East Canyon Watershed Committee meeting will be on January 17 at 9:30 am in the Snyderville Basin Water Reclamation District office.