East Canyon Watershed Committee - July 9, 2008

East Canyon Watershed Committee
Sheldon Richins Building
July 9, 2008

Meeting Minutes

Dave Tripp – Committee Chair
Brendan Waterman – Kamas Valley Conservation District
Ray Loveless – Utah Association of Conservation Districts
Julie Howe – Stantec Consulting
Nell Larson – Swaner EcoCenter
Mike Luers – Snyderville Basin Water Reclamation District
Steve Noyes – Bureau of Reclamation
Carl Adams – Utah Dept. of Environmental Quality/Division of Water Quality
Amy Dickey – Utah Dept. of Environmental Quality/Division of Water Quality
Craig Schaugaard – Utah DNR/Division of Wildlife Resources
Paul Dremann – Trout Unlimited
Mary Perry – Friends of East Canyon Creek/High Country Fly Fishers
Barbara Carey – Uinta Head Waters RC&D/NRCS
Barbara Gardner – Utah Dept. of Natural Resources/Forestry Fire and State Lands
Sarah Sampson - Utah Dept. of Natural Resources/Forestry Fire and State Lands
PJ Abraham – Utah Dept. of Natural Resources/Forestry Fire and State Lands
Mike Bertelsen – Trout Unlimited
Shannon Herstein – Bio-West
Derrick Radke – Summit County
Michael Boyle – Snyderville Basin Water Reclamation District
John Christensen – SWCA
Kathy Lombardi – SWCA
Erica Gaddis – SWCA
Doug Davidson – SWCA
Brian Suhadole – Park City Mountain Resort
Jim Webster – Trees Water and People
Kent Sorenson - Utah DNR/Division of Wildlife Resources
Paul Burnett - Utah DNR/Division of Wildlife Resources
Greg Larson – SWCA
Kathy Lundborg – Park City Municipal Corporation
Jeff Schoenbacher – Park City Municipal Corporation
Craig Ashcroft – Carollo Engineering
Beau Uriona - Bureau of Reclamation
Ron Ivie – Park City Municipal Corporation
Kerry Goodrich - NRCS

-Dave Tripp called the meeting to order and initiated a round of introductions. The minutes from the April 17 meeting were approved by the committee.

-Erica Gaddis of SWCA gave an in depth presentation that covered the current status of the revisions to both the East Canyon Reservoir and East Canyon Creek TMDLs. This presentation can be viewed at: www.swca.com/login The login name is “East Canyon”, the password is “TMDL”. This presentation covered the entire TMDL process up to this point.

As a result of multiple studies, SWCA has recommended that the following water quality endpoints be set for East Canyon Creek: Dissolved Oxygen (DO) should have a 1 day minimum concentration of 4.0 mg/l. Biomass in the creek (total periphyton and macrophytes) should be limited to 6.3 mg/cm2. The recommendations to meet these endpoints include reducing the rate of biomass photosynthesis by 25% through channel shading, narrowing the base flow channel by 33%, or increasing the base flow by 5 cfs. While each of these recommendations is capable of meeting the endpoints on their own, the endpoints will most likely be reached through a combination of the practices related to the three recommendations. No additional nutrient reductions from the 2000 TMDL will be recommended in the revised TMDL for the creek.

SWCA will be recommending a 22% reduction in the Total Phosphorus loading capacity for the reservoir. This revised loading capacity from the 2000 TMDL includes an increased load from point sources due to population growth, a decreased load from non-point sources, the addition of an internal load in the reservoir, and an increased load in the margin of safety.

An implementation plan for both TMDLs is currently being developed.

-Ray Loveless informed the committee that the East Canyon Watershed Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) had solicited statements of qualifications for implementation of the restoration component of the congressional earmark project. The TAC received and reviewed 4 proposals from various consulting firms throughout the region. The contract has been awarded to SWCA. Implementation of the restoration component is now underway and should be completed in 2009.

-Michael Boyle of Snyderville Basin Water Reclamation District asked the committee to entertain the idea of purchasing three water quality data collection instruments from the District. This purchase would be completed using grant funds already in secured in the watershed. If purchased, these instruments would be maintained and operated by the Division of Water Quality and used to monitor water quality improvements in the watershed. Plans are currently being developed to purchase the instruments.

-Shannon Herstein of Bio-West made a presentation to the committee on the 2007 East Canyon Sub Basin Water Quality Monitoring Report. This study was intended to serve as a follow up to the 2000 East Canyon Sub Basin Water Quality Monitoring Report. Water quality data was collected in various tributary drainages throughout the watershed. The 2007 study found that Total Phosphorus and Total Suspend Solids have been reduced in the tributary drainages. The observed reduction has been attributed to improved watershed management through implementation of best management practices.

-The next meeting of the East Canyon Watershed Committee will be on October 9, 2008. The meeting will be at 9:30 am. The location will be set as the date approaches.